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I provide full-service Tennessee SEO services that focus on diagnosing website issues, fixing website issues, reaching out to get backlinks from other websites (both local and national), and I research a niche to determine a winning strategy. Choose a Nashville SEO Expert that understands the ins and outs of search engine optimization.

PPC for Nashville and Beyond

I create campaigns and integrate keyword research from SEO into PPC to determine which queries should be targeted by PPC and which should be targeted organically. All you do is pay a management fee and I’ll run the campaign with the agreed upon budget.

Social Media Management Nashville

Looking for some direction on how to utilize social media to capture more customers? We do social media consulting and assist your company’s strategy implementation.

Reputation Management for Tennessee Businesses

Reputation marketing services are absolutely necessary for local businesses. Choose a reputation marketing company that can ensure that customers trust your business. Take online reputation marketing into your own hands. Maximize good reviews and minimize the bad.

Nashville Web Design

Choose a digital marketing agency that can make your website look good while retaining its speed. Choose affordable web design located in Nashville TN. Your website doesn’t need to cost thousands and thousands to look good.

SEO Content Writing

I can often rank content with just my content and nothing else. I’ve done it for multiple companies. Ask me for details when you contact me. I’m not the cheapest, but the best never is cheap – are they? The goal is to get results.

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SEO Facts


Did you know that 1/3 of all search engine result clicks go to position 1? Don’t settle for SEO that gets you 4% of the traffic when you can get 33%.


Even though email marketing, social media marketing, and paid advertising give websites traffic, over 51% of all web traffic comes from organic searches. In a digital world, SEO provides over half of global traffic.


Did you know that 41% of large businesses (the ones with massive budgets) say that link building is the hardest part of SEO? Did you know that getting links is the most important part of SEO once you’ve created your content?


Did you know that 81% of purchases begin with a web search? If people are searching, you should be there.


Simplify your SEO for Your Nashville Business

Traffic Formula
Data Tracking
Technical SEO
Marketing Tools
Content Marketing

Establish Inbound Marketing Funnels

The inbound marketing formula is simple. Make people aware of your product or business. Your desired audience is looking for a solution. You just need to make them aware of you From there, you want to meet potential customers at the consideration stage. This means you’ll be considered for the solution to the problem. Finally, you want to be there for the final decision phase. The decision phase means you won the sale.

A good search engine optimization strategy incorporates this lesson into everything from email marketing to pay per click to landing pages.

Monthly and Weekly KPI Reports

It’s important for any SEO campaign to have a plethora of data points that are all distilled down into an ingestible string of data stories that tell a larger narrative that allows a client to directly relate SEO efforts to business successes. I track your conversions with great detail and send a detailed monthly report that provides the following:

  • Lifetime keyword rank changes, weekly improvements, and monthly improvements
  • Conversion tracking which will detail all pages involved in the conversion.
  • Detailed traffic analytics

Technical Website Audit

My particular method for auditing a website involves the use of tools like Raven Tools and Site Bulb for creating a list of technical SEO issues. On top of the typical issues generated by tools, I also manually create an internal link audit, a backlink audit (or off page analysis), a competitive analysis (look into the niche and identify competitor strengths and weaknesses), and I provide an insanely in-depth keyword research audit. As an option, I can also provide a conversion rate audit to help you with optimizing your site’s conversion rate. Traffic is important, but if you’re pouring water into a leaky bucket, you’ll get nowhere fast.

SEO Tools

I use the following paid tools (over $1,000 cost in monthly tools at my disposal):

  • Raven Tools
  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush
  • Site Bulb
  • Term Explorer
  • Serp Book
  • Surfer SEO
  • Cora SEO
  • Serp Worx
  • Majestic
  • and a bunch of free tools that provide extra assistance here and there

Content Marketing

The gateway into SEO, for me,  was content. I went to school for content, wrote massive papers (I’m talking 30-40 pagers), and I’ve written hundreds of high traffic blog posts in multiple niches. If you’re interested in seeing some of the things I’ve written on SEO, I am the head of content and SEO manager for the Raven Tools SEO Blog. Content is my bread and butter, and its the lifeblood of digital marketing. I can work with existing teams or I can my own team to make sure you have amazing content that establishes your authority while bringing in traffic.

Proud to Be In Nashville

I’m lucky to be born and raised in the beautiful city of Nashville. I have a deep love for Nashville Hot Chicken, I’ve been to 50 field trips to the Parthenon, and despite my music preferences, country music still sounds like home when I travel. I love that I get to do what I love in the city I love. (I do wish I didn’t love Moon Pies as much as I do though). What’s your favorite part of Music City?

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Frequently Asked Questions for My SEO Methods

I've been burned by SEO before - How are you different?

Yeah, SEO can be filled with snake oil salesman that have no idea what they are talking about. To mitigate client risk, I am willing to write into a contract a structured pay agreement that is based on campaign KPIs (key performance indicators).

Are you becoming more visible on Google?
Do you have specific target keywords that are increasing in rank?
Is your site’s conversion rate going up?
Are you getting more leads?
Are you getting consistent data from me so you know what I’m working on?

I provide detailed reports to all my clients every week and every month. I’m not in this simply for money. I am an incredibly competitive and self-motivated individual that wants to win.
Do you want someone like that working for you? Or do you want the bargain bin Nashville SEO that is lazy but at least they are cheap?

I'd like to know more about your rates for your digital marketing services.

I’ve listed three of my primary rates above, but I also negotiate based on project scope and difficulty of the project.
The competition can be hard, especially for some niches in Nashville’s SEO market. so I’ll tell you up front what the projected cost will be. The first thing I do for any client is to provide an insanely detailed audit. By the end of the audit, we will know if your goals are attainable in a certain date range.
Types of Rates

* Set Service Fee (keyword research)
* Hourly Rate
* Project Rate
* Retainer Rates
If you’d like to incorporate social media strategy and PPC, I can accommodate that as well, but I partner with others in my network (I do SEO for their clients and they do social media or PPC for mine), so prices are determined by them.

Why are you so good looking?

Legend says that if you rank enough websites, the good karma makes ones face more symmetrical and attractive. That’s just a digital marketing urban legend though. Guess you’ll have to look at my contact me page if you want to judge this book by his cover.

Do you Guarantee Rankings?

Google’s algorithm isn’t controlled by me or by any other SEO. The duty of an SEO is to stay up to date with the algo and to continuously test ranking factors. The stuff you may listen to on Youtube can potentially harm your site if you apply it without care.
However, I can guarantee that your rankings will increase from where it started. I typically rank sites within 90 days. The average expected time is anywhere between 2 months and 6 months.
My goal as an SEO is to be honest and to be transparent with clients. I hate when SEOs promise the moon and under deliver.

How long does it take to rank?

Keywords generally vary with every niche. Nashville’s SEO scene is no different.
If you do proper, competitive, site and link profile analysis, then you should be able to give a timeframe of when the changes will be made, an estimated time for Google to index the changes and give results.
Same goes for link building. If you’re regularly building links, then you can often estimate the authority a link is going to pass on to a page with good SEO intuition and give a realistic time frame for how long it’ll take for the keyword to start moving up.

How many keywords can I go after?

You can go after however many keywords you’d like, but it’s a matter of budget. I recommend starting small and ramping up from there. You can go aggressive, but I normally only recommend for clients that have solid domain authority.

Technical SEO Audit Template

My technical audit checklist contains 30 factors:

1. Meta Information
2. Title Tags
3. Indexation
4. Schema Mark up (that thing that gets you those fancy stars displayed in search results)
5. Mobile friendly test
6. Speed Test
7. Backlink Evaluation
8. Google My Business Optimization
9. Traffic and Page Value Evaluation
10. Keyword Strategy
11. EAT – Expertise, authority, and trust.

Want a Free SEO Audit?
A small but thorough walkthrough

How I Get Nashville and National Businesses Backlinks

  • Nashville SEO Link Roundups

Link roundups are curations of industry-leading content that can help bring referral traffic along with providing a solid contextual link to your business. The basic idea is to reach out to people aggregating the content and ask to be included. The skill is in finding these people. As a marketing agency in Nashville, its much easier to form these link roundups.

Ex. (Think – “This Month’s Best Video Game Guides”) 

  • The Broken Link Building Resource Replacement

The bread and butter of any website optimization firm.  – broken link building. Technical SEO ABC is to have no broken links, internal or external. In broken link building, you do three things:

1. Find sites in your niche

  1. Identify broken links on their site
  2. Offer a resource on your page that can replace their broken one.

If you have a resource its super easy to include your link, and if you don’t I can create one with you.

  • Guest posting for Nashville SEO Businesses

Best used when you don’t have a lot of content available, I will approach other sites in your niche and ask if they accept other people’s content on their site, I then have something amazing written for them and then you’ll benefit by getting a link (which means more site authority). One of the things to understand about why this works is to understand PageRank.

  • Sponsored posts for Nashville SEO Businesses

Sponsored posts cost money, but then again, so does guest posting, because content costs money. The general idea is that you ask if they will write on your company, and they ask for money, and sometimes they ask for a sample of your product to review.

This is a great way to get links on a site that your competition can’t get on. You can also point some tier 2 links at these types of posts. Tier 2 is more black hat, but it’s highly effective at supercharging the link.

  • Reclaim lost links – Backlink reclamation for Nashville SEO

With this strategy, I find links you’ve lost and then I do some inspecting to see why the link was lost and then I reach back out to ask if they would consider giving you the link again.

I also look for sites that mention your brand or product but without a link, then ask them to replace that mention with a link.

  • Related Niche Link Acquisition for Nashville SEO 

Normally, you target very niche specific links, and you definitely want to prioritize getting links that are in your niche, but another type of link works similarly – but it takes some creativity to find an industry that is tangentially related and appropriate.

If I’m an SEO wanting an SEO link, I may go to a PPC site or a web design agency, or perhaps, a programmer’s blog.

  • SEO PR and Valid Online PR for Nashville SEO Businesses

Traditionally, press releases were something done when something was worthy of attention. Recently, people tend to do these press releases just for the sake of getting their desired link spread to hundreds of sites.

Google knows when this is happening, so the link isn’t as valuable, but its still a powerful strategy.

BUT if you do have something worthy of sharing, it is completely possible to track down journalists and get them to add your link to either a past article or an upcoming one. Thank God for social media!

The journalist has no reason to do this for you, but you’ll be able to generally pay some money for the link.

Another way to get some good PR is to do local charity. I’m sure the Tennessean would love to have good stories about the community.

  • Nashville SEO Local blogger Outreach

Essential search engine optimizer services for local businesses include finding local blogs and getting them to mention your business. I’ve had a lot of luck with this strategy by exchanging something in return, but even without an exchange, local blogs are generally the easiest to grab links from.

  • Video links

If you create any videos there are multiple platforms to share these videos, such as Youtube and Vimeo. They usually allow links in the description box.

It’s simple to create a video, and it doesn’t need to be super professional. I distribute the video to multiple platforms, and BOOM. You’ve got yourself a link.

  • Local Nashville SEO Directories and National Directory Sites

If there are any directories specific to your type of business then you SHOULD be listed on them. This is a pretty simple job, but it’s monotonous. I go in and make sure you’re listed in every directory possible. A really good link is to grab your Nashville Chamber of Commerce link.

  • Conference and event links

If you attend any events or speak at conferences they usually link to attendees. Choose an internet marketing company in Nashville that can turn your conferences into SEO juice.

  • Blog and forum commenting

You can easily comment on blogs and go into forums and drop a link, but the secret to this technique is to avoid spamminess. People don’t want your link if its not providing value, so you’ll need to take some time to read the blog and drop a link if it makes sense. Sometimes you’ll need to participate in a forum first before you are trusted enough to get a link.

  • Wikipedia links Does Wonders for Nashville SEO Businesses

These links are set to nofollow, which limits PageRank, but you’ll still get some good juice from a solid wikipedia link. You’ll need to have an on-topic resource, or the link will be removed rather quickly.

Skyscraper method (bonus method)

This is a method that has preexisted its name “skyscraper”. Brian Dean was the one who coined the phrase, but the idea behind this one is to make an absolutely epic piece of content, which will assist you in getting ranked for the target keyword, and will pick up organic links. What SEO is to getting traffic, Skyscraper is to getting links – its focus is on organic acquisition. Check out the link here to learn more – Brian Dean explains the method in an interview.

With the right backlink strategies, we can drive internet traffic with ease. Whether it’s in Nashville, Springhill, Franklin, or anywhere in Tennessee, we can attract visitors and convert them into customers.

Fill out my contact form to get in touch. I’d love to work with you, whether you’re a small business or a corporation, I’m interested in your search engine optimization efforts. If you’re in the Nashville area, let’s grab some coffee. Contact me for a search engine optimization proposal.

I look forward to helping your business, whether it’s with pay per click, search engine optimization, reputation management, and any other online marketing needs you may have.

In case You Wanted To Know

Extra Information

Call me at: 615-499-6840
Email: seo@andrewansley.com
My office is 10 minutes from the Batman building (the AT&T building) and is right off of Franklin road. I would love to meet you if you’re a business owner in Nashville.

Interested in knowing a little bit more about me?

I was born and raised in Nashville. I rock climb as a hobby and play strategy games for fun (anything mentally challenging is my sort of game). I like to make jokes about how terrible I-440’s road conditions are, and I’m just old enough to reminisce about what Nashville used to look like. Even though I’m from Nashville, I still use Nashville Guide sites to find what I’ve been missing (Music City grows too fast to keep up).